Do you want a perfect gift idea? The Gift Card Nuna Lie is the right choice!

You can buy the Gift Card in all Nuna Lie shops but it can be used just in the shop you bought it and it cannot be used or bought online.

the Gift Card has not names so everyone can use it. You can use the Gift Card for any item of the collection, including those on sale until the total balance of the Card has been used up.

If the starting or the available balance is insufficient to buy your items the additional amount will be paid in cash or according to the other accepted payment methods. The Gift Card cannot be converted in cash, refund or used to buy other Gift Cards.  When the maximum amount has been used up, the card must be return to the store. The Gift card cannot be recharged. If the barcode is illegible or the card becomes demagnetized because of a misuse, or it is lost, it won’t be changed or refund. For further information, clarification or complaint you can contact the customer service via de specific contact form on our web site.