Thanks to the concept of differentiation, the fast production system and an increasing supply, the fast fashion is now an entity that is transforming the fashion industry in terms of numbers and requests. Nuna Lie reinterpreted and endorsed it, creating a company that in 10 years spread out over domestic and international territory with almost 80 stores in which there are young, elegant and quality products at competitive prices.


To create new direct stores, we look for areas varying from 120 and 200 sqm throughout Italy, with the following requirements: business units set in the city centers and shopping precincts in cities with more than 30.000 inhabitants and in shopping centers with more than 3.000.000 admissions per year.


We are always looking for new people who want to join us : a dynamic, flexible and original franchised network driven by a great determination and passion.

We look for:

  • - areas from 120 to 200 sqm
  • - design population: 30.000 inhabitants
  • - optimal location: city centers / shopping centers
  • - work experience: not required
  • - initial investment: furniture
  • - average annual turnover: 7.000 euros per sqm

We propose:

  • - consignment formula
  • - feasibility study
  • - design population analysis
  • - engineering design and commercial layout
  • - staff training in our stores
  • - management software
  • - constant management assistance
  • - visual merchandising assistance
  • - visual / communication support for POP material opening and institutional campaign

What we ask:

  • - bank guarantee
  • - entrance fee: not required
  • - royalties: not required
  • - duration of the agreement: 3 years (renewable)

If you want to open a franchised store, submit us your proposal and join us!

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N.B.: non saranno prese in considerazione richieste senza indicazione della città di riferimento e senza recapiti telefonici