“With Nuna Lie we want to be close to all women enhancing their natural beauty and personality. We are a young but determinate company and we really want to expand. We are proud of our job and we love it, and we want to promote the Italian style working hard and in a positive way improving day by day. Berniero Scarpa, manager.

Born in 2003, Nuna Lie is an Italian company which has been working in the fashion retail sector for over ten years, using a dynamic business approach and showing a new shopping interpretation based on the constant collections’ renewal at competitive prices. Thanks to these business decisions, Nuna Lie increased its presence on the national and international territories through direct stores and franchising, and now we can count on almost 100 one-brand stores.


With more than 900 items per season Nuna Lie’s main strong point is the fast fashion: it makes real time collections mixing colors, styles and samples and taking inspiration from the fashion world and the Italian women style. The fast production, the real time samples variety as well as the new weekly arrivals, made it possible that our brand was a point of reference for our customers: they come and visit our stores every week because they know that they can always find new cloths. Another important Nuna Lie’ s strong point concerns the wearability of its clothing: they are every days clothes but also different form the others. Our collection highlights women femininity without losing the comfort.


Nuna Lie’s women are always looking for a personal style that combines free clothing and accessories. They follow the current fashion respecting their personality, they are dynamic and curious women and they love their life. They want to stand out without exaggerating and they look for clothes which could combine a fresh, contemporary and every day spirt at competitive prices.



Nuna Lie works on the domestic and international territory with almost 100 one-brand stores. Our stores are set in strategic locations like city centers and shopping centers, in towns having at least 30.000 inhabitants. In the last few years new important openings in Switzerland confirmed our success and constant growth. Each store is set up by a team of architects that works to highlight our products. Every week we update the stores’ visual thanks to a qualified team that examines the sales and sets up the shop windows in such a way as to enhance the news and the must-have collections.